You have planned yours and your family's future, but sometimes life doesn't happen according to plans. There are curves in the road. Life isn't always a smooth ride. Life Insurance can help and prepare you and your family for Life's unexpected events.


A Pro Insurance Consultant Licensed Agent can offer you coverage options to meet your needs and budget. Life Insurance can be more affordable than you imagined.

What’s the Best Coverage for You?

There are no "cookie-cutter" Life Insurance policies All individuals and families are different; so are their goals for their present and future. Life Insurance coverage comes in a range of plans, with a wide selection of features you can customize to meet yours and your family's particular situation no matter what stage in life.

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Why Life Insurance with

Living Benefits?

The majority of persons purchase Life Insurance to provide financial security or an inheritance to their loved ones at the time of their death. 


Doesn’t it make sense for the benefits to be available for you if you need them while you’re still living?


Why We Recommend Insurance with Living Benefits?

Life Insurance with Living Benefits are policies that come with enhancements that permit you to accelerate your policy’s benefits, to get much-needed money if you are to suffer a terminal, chronic or critical illness – such as a heart attack, stroke, cancer diagnosis – or in case of a critical injury.


It's a game-changing feature that is revolutionizing the Life Insurance industry.

Term Life Insurance

An affordable option with death protection for a fixed time period, or term.

Universal Live Insurance

A flexible way to help protect your loved ones and build tax-deffered cash value.

What Can Life Insurance With Living Benefits Cover?

Secure the most important capital: Your life and that of your family.


If something happened to you tomorrow, what would happen to your payment commitments, such as your rent or mortgage, health insurance premiums, car payments, college tuition or school expenses, credit card debt, and simply daily living expenses?


The beneficiary (or beneficiaries) on your life insurance policy is the recipient of your death benefit. The amount of money he (or they) receive depends on the plan you choose, the funds can be paid in one lump sum and be used for various expenses.


1. Tuition Expenses

Tuition expenses for your family may be years away, but it’s important to factor in the cost of higher education for your loved ones when choosing a life insurance plan.

2. Mortgage Expenses

Life insurance could help your family pay off the mortgage on your home — this could be important if they depend on you to make the monthly mortgage payment.

03. Funeral Costs

Death, unexpected or not, inevitably creates expenses for the deceased’s loved ones. Life insurance can be used to cover burial and funeral bills.

04. Daily Expenses

From grocery money and utility bills to credit card balances and school expenses, a life insurance payout can help your family stay afloat when they’re suddenly without your income.

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Great Customer Service

“My Agent was wonderful and helped me find the best coverage for my family. She really knew her products and helped us find health, vision & dental that covered all our needs.״ 

Angelo S.

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“It was truly quick and easy. With just one call I was able to get through and make changes to our policy since I got married. I had no idea it was even possible to do that. Very knowledgeable agents, would highly recommend.״ 

Veronica F.

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“I was trying to navigate the online marketplace and register during open enrollment myself, but found that I needed some extra help, Pro Insurance Consultants helped guide me through the process, they were very helpful. Would recommend them highly to everyone.״ 

Noel B.